Overcome your public speaking fears here and now.

Do you go into a panic just thinking about having to speak in public? Even at a little staff meeting or at your child’s school? You’re may be highly successful and confident or you’re very  anxious about many things.  Being asked to do public speaking puts you in a total panic.  Are you at a point in your life and your career where you simply have to get past that fear?  Yes?

My downloadable program will move you from terror and panic to confidence and calm, in one afternoon.

It’s not just an easy-to-follow written program in e-book form. My program has powerful audios that get straight to the heart of your fears and transform them.  Click on the Relax on Cue link to listen to one of those audios Relax on Cue right now.

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Hello, my name is Dr Jeannette Kavanagh.  I work in inner city Melbourne, Australia as highly qualified   psychotherapist and counsellor registered with the Australian Counselling Association (ACA).  For many years, I’ve been helping people to overcome their anxiety and panic including their public speaking fears. We do that quickly, easily and forever.

For only $12.99 my e-program is a compilation of all the proven and well-researched strategies I’ve used with my face-to-face clients to let them see their own role in their fear and how to get rid of that public speaking fear and terror once and for all.

Why only $12.99?

Of course there are more expensive public speaking courses and books out there.  There are cheaper ones also. The big costs for me of my time writing the downloadable program, testing it on clients and revising it, those costs have been met through the sales of this e-program using the web rather than via bookstores.  Naturally I update it regularly but this program has been a tried and proven success for almost a decade.

I want to make it affordable, especially for those of you who can’t afford the cost of face-to-face therapy and for those who want to augment their therapy with a comprehensive set of resources.

Develop skill and confidence

Are you prepared to believe that even the most terrified victims of public speaking phobia (glossophobia) can overcome their fear? Not only that, can you imagine that many people who’ve used this program have gone on to develop presentation skills and confidence that they would never have thought possible? For many, the dread of delivering even a short presentation to a handful of colleagues used to induce life-changing restrictions.

Following the simple, direct instructions in my e-program, they were able to live their lives and do their work without having to avoid situations, including promotion opportunities, for fear they may have to speak before an audience. If you want to find release from this limiting condition of the cycle of fear and avoidance,  answer the following questions:

• Does the request to say a few words in front of an audience send a shudder of terror down your spine?

• Does the interval of waiting to speak weigh heavily on you?

• Prior to the event, do you have a sense of constant unease?

• Does the fear of performing in public, even for a small, known and sympathetic audience, prevent you doing what you would love to do?

• As your turn to speak or perform approaches, do you manifest physical symptoms such as nausea, faintness, hot or cold flushes, perspiring, elevated heart beat, shortness of breath, dry mouth, clammy hands?

• While you’re speaking, do you hear your voice quavering and trembling?

A ‘yes’ response to any one of those questions suggests that you could use some confidence-building help.

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“I’m just so thankful that I did Dr Kavanagh’s course.  The e-book is easy to follow with lots of tips about how to write a speech and so on but  I bought it because I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t terrified about public speaking.  Even at school. 

The practical exercises in the book, the insights into how I used to rehearse my public speaking fears and the audio files about how to relax using a reminder, all seemed to combine to make it easy to leave all panicky things behind.  It’s so liberating.  I don’t actually need public speaking skills for work but I made a speech at my 40th birthday party and it felt like the greatest thing I’d ever done.  I hadn’t been able to do that at my 21st or at my wedding.” 

Barbara Niles. Elwood.

“Thank you, thank you! I’ve done hypnosis, Toastmasters, all sorts of things.  Even tried meditation. Those things didn’t do me any harm but nor did they send my fear packing.

This e-program is beyond amazing. I read it in a few hours, listened to the audio every night and I practised the simple exercises. It was like I’d rewritten a script in my brain.  The fear script had gone and the I can do this messages took over.  I love it.” 

Martin M Simpson, Wangaratta.

Perhaps your reason for wanting to overcome your fear of public speaking is more related to your work and to your career. Think about the skills you wished you had, the last time you went for a raise in salary, or a promotion.

Do you want to be able to:
• Learn to be calm about the public speaking which is already a big – but fear-filled – part of your working life?
• Perform your best at an interview for that promotion you really want?
• Represent your business in the most confident and compelling way possible?
• Reach your true potential in your chosen career, instead of staying in the background due to your fear and nervousness about speaking up?
• Raise the profile of the not-for-profit organisations you support and even be part of the PR team that raises funds through public speaking and other presentations about the vital work the organisation does?
• Present the keynote address at a formal event including a graduation, an academic conference or an international seminar with a feeling of confidence that matches your status?
• Convince people to vote for you at the next local, state or federal elections?

Let’s dispel some myths about public speaking

1. Public speaking is always stressful

Most new challenges involve a degree of stress and doubt at the beginning.  Remember getting on your bike for the first time? You thought you’d never master it, but you did. Like millions before you, you can learn how to speak with ease. You just need the right coach, correct techniques and a good attitude.

2. You need skill, talent and courage

No, you just need to give the audience a little credit. Believe it or not, they don’t want perfection. They just want to take away something interesting, a fact they didn’t know, or a new angle on something they did.

3. You won’t be able to say everything you need

The best speeches say very little. But they say it in strong, clear, plain language. Too many speakers, especially those starting out, try to cram too much into their performance. Two or three main points are all you need. More, and you risk losing yourself and your audience.

4. What about my fear, my stage fright?

If you’re well prepared —not over prepared— you’ll be poised, confident and calm. You WILL have your speech fully written as a back-up. What’s the worst that can happen? You lose your place. So you apologise, and fall back on your script. Often the audience doesn’t even notice. Be honest, and they won’t care. Most will actually sympathise.

5. The audience wants to see blood

The opposite is true. They want you to succeed. They’re keen for you to do a good job. And they don’t need very much to satisfy them. No matter how small a fact, or a thought, if it makes them think, feel better, or feel differently about themselves, they’ll judge you a success. Remember the old gag about people preferring death to public speaking? It means most mourners would rather be in the coffin than delivering the eulogy.

What types of people have this fear?

People often ask me if there’s a particular type of person who has this awful fear about performing in public – acting, singing and speaking – more than others. Research tells us those most affected by performance phobia have five characteristics in common. They display:
1. above average intelligence
2. high levels of creativity
3. deep sensitivity
4. attention to detail
5. profound loyalty and friendship.

A by-product of those great characteristics is the anxiety that holds back so many would-be speakers. And this is where my e-program How to Conquer  Public Speaking Fears: Presenting Your Best begins its work.

Think of the occasions where the ability to speak with eloquent fluency could bring you (and your audience) joy, laughter or comfort instead of misery. Celebrations, graduations, promotions and conferences which once held terror for you as a potential speaking victim now beckon. Your confidence feeds itself with each new challenge faced and surmounted.

Conquer Your  Public Speaking Fear: Presenting Your Best turns anxiety against itself.

Easy to follow strategies and tactics

My e-book and audio files are designed to strike quickly at the heart of your fear. They give you comprehensive, easy to follow strategies and tactics based on more than 20 years of science, research and practice.

They guide you through the steps you need to confront, understand and permanently overcome the panic that speaking in public represents.
Far from a talent enjoyed by only a handful of performers, public speaking is a learned and practised skill. How to Conquer Your Public Speaking Fears: Presenting Your Best presents that learning in a short, plain language how-to tutorial you can absorb in an afternoon. But you’ll want to return to it more than once.

What you’ll gain by completing my downloadable program

GUARANTEED 100 percent success rate in eliminating your habit of public speaking fear.  Read the short e-book, practise the strategies and your apprehension and fear around performing in public will vanish;
• My Relax on Cue MP3 file that gives you access to the most powerful anti-fear weapon ever, your subconscious;
• The unbreakable rules that make a short speech a winner;
• A range of how-to guides that will improve your public speaking.  When your fear has been conquered it’s still vital to know how to:

  • Fit your speech preparation into the time you have, not the time you need;
  • Use body language to engage rather than distract your audience;
  • Gauge and improve the pace and pitch of your presentations;
  • Handle interruptions, hecklers and difficult questions.

What qualifies me to promise you freedom from a phobia that torments millions?

I have a range of academic qualifications in education, coaching, and counselling, including my doctorate, a master’s degree, a bachelor’s degree and postgraduate qualifications in counselling and hypnosis.  I’ve worked for many years as a public speaking coach and as a psychotherapist.  So, with more than twenty years’ experience as an educator, counsellor, mentor, researcher and author, I know what provokes fear of public speaking, and how to eliminate it.

With that knowledge, and intense research and practice, my e-package contains all the proven panic and anxiety relief therapies you need. In my e-program you’ll find the path to public speaking calm that you’d love to have.

How much do you have to pay for my expertise ?

Only $12.99

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Dr Jeannette Kavanagh
Counsellor and Psychotherapist and Public Speaking Coach

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